There are some kinds of faceplate, including ITE hearing aid faceplate, ITC hearing aid faceplate,mini ear hearing aid, CIC hearing aid faceplate, best hearing aid device and ear protection device faceplate, etc. Our digital processing faceplates have the features of 1, Telecoil Input 2, Manual adjustment 3, Low power warning 4, Directional Microphone 5, Adaptive Noise Reduction 6, Adaptive Feedback cancellation 7, Maximum power output control, MPO control effectively protects the residual hearing. 8, Four WDRC channels & 8 adjustable frequency bands, More accurate compensate of patients’ hearing loss. 9,mini invisible cic hearing aid Improve the traditional WDRC algorithm, solved the problem of formant deformation when it locates in the overlap of the two channels.rechargeable micro hearing aid Increased the speech intelligibility.

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