Hearing aid manufacturers tell you that obesity can affect hearing

Hearing aid manufacturers tell you that obesity can affect hearing.

We know that long-term exposure to large noise conditions can cause hearing loss. There are also a number of hidden factors that can also affect hearing health, including genetic factors such as heart health and weight. Studies have shown that obesity increases the risk of hearing loss, and that a healthy body and a positive lifestyle are also closely related to our hearing health.

Poor health affects hearing health

Does weight affect hearing levels? We know that tiny hair cells in the ear are responsible for detecting sound signals, and its health depends mainly on blood flow and oxygen supply. Obese people need a stronger heart to deliver blood and oxygen to the body's arteries and capillaries. Once oxygen and blood are missing, hair cells can be compromised. Permanent hair loss can result if hair cells are not repaired.



Of course, obesity may not directly cause hearing loss. But it can cause other diseases, which indirectly harms hearing health. Diabetes is a classic example, with 90% of people with type 2 diabetes who are overweight or overweight. People with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss as the average person. Heart disease also affects blood circulation and the ability to supply oxygen and blood to inner ear hair cells.

The hearing health of young people is also affected by obesity. Frequently watching mobile computers, lack of exercise, modern young people are getting more nutrients than in the past few decades, and the number of overweight people is increasing. Studies have shown that 15% of obese young people suffer from hearing loss, compared with less than 8% of normal-weight peers.

Healthy body, healthy hearing

A healthy diet and a positive lifestyle will improve the overall health of our body. The same is true of our hearing health. In addition, studies have shown that women who exercise regularly have a 17% lower risk of hearing loss.

If you want to shape, choose a reasonably healthy diet and exercise actively. This is the first step to improve your health and protect our hearing.

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