Fashionable Durable Analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid

We are Fashionable Durable analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid manufacturing factory in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China.



Description of this Fashionable Durable analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid

We are Fashionable Durable analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid manufacturing factory in Xiamen city, Fujian Province, China. China Manufacture Fashionable Bte Hearing Aid Cheap Mini Amplifier Durable Analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid Details are as follows:

Place of Origin: Xiamen, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MeloSound
Model Number: Swan
Fitting Range: <80dB
Feature: BTE, rechargeable
Color: Beige, black
Battery Type: Ni-MH battery
Battery Capacity: 40maH
Charging Light: Red
Fully Charged Light: Green
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1A
Charging Time: about 6 hours
Usage time per charge: about 3 days
Certificate: MSDS
Processing: Digital
Guaranteed Period: One year (not including battery)
Packing: 1pc/box, 50pcs/carton

Air port and Sea Port: Xiamen
Packaging & Delivery:
Packaging Details: One set of hearing aid is including 1pc hearing aid, 1pc USB wire, 1pc trimmer, 1pc brush, 6pcs ear plug in a paper box

Delivery time: 15 days for 100pcs order, 39 days for 1000pcs order, 69 days for 10000pcs order.

Product Applications:
Good living partner for hearing loss and tinnitus people, helping them to hearing all melodies and enjoy the happiness of listening.

Parameters of this Fashionable Durable analog Rechargeable Swan BTE Hearing Aid

Technical Data

Peak OSPL 90 (DB SPL)




Total Harmonic Distort

EQ Input Noise (DB)

Battery Current (mA)






500 HZ (%)

800Hz (%)

1600Hz (%)



Melo Swan IEC-118-7/2005 (2cc-coupler)











Delivery time: 5 days for 10pcs order; 14 days for 50pcs order; 22 days for 100pcs order, 40 days for 1000pcs order, 75 days for 10000pcs order.

Using Purpose:
To help hearing loss and tinnitus people to live with great sounds, us as to hear nature voices, watch TV, see films, listen musics, etc.
It usually takes 5-6 hours to charge the hearing
device from empty power to full. For first time use,
we recommend you charge the device for 10 hours.
Please power off the device after each use.
Do NOT wear the hearing device while bathing,
showering, or swimming.
Do NOT wear the hearing device while undergoing
shortwave therapy or medical treatments that are
subject to strong radio frequency/magnetic fields.
Do NOT wear the hearing device in the vicinity of
strong electromagnetic fields or X-rays.
Protect the device from impacts, humidity, dirt,
severe temperature fluctuations, and direct sunlight
Never dry your hearing device in the microwave.
Service your hearing device regularly. Make sure
that no foreign objects are in between the earplug
and headphones, as this could impair the sound.

Our hearing instrument help people to compensate for their hearing loss by
amplifying the sound around. It assists and allows you to connect more
accurately and clearly to those outside. This manual intends to guide users to
operate our BTE(Behind-The-Ear) models.
You are highly recommended that do NOT wear a hearing device if you have an ear infection until cured. Please consult with a hearing health care professional or doctor when you have questions about your hearing or the instrument.
General Guidance
Please Read This Before Using Your Device
Step 1:Visit and watch our demonstration
video explaining how to use your new CIC Recharge device.
Step 2: Read the entire directions manual to get familiar with
Your device.
Step 3: Try putting on your device and find the right volume that
works best for you.
If you still have concerns after reading this manual, you may
email so our friendly team of hearing
specialists can help you.
Attentions and Technical Data:
O Commonly it takes 5-6 hours to charge this hearing device from empty power to full. For the first time, we recommend you to charge 10 hours.
O If the device is not used for over 1 month, we suggest to charge the device for 12 hours+ after each run-over for 3 times to activate the battery.
O Please power-off the device after each time usage.
O Requirement of adaptor: D.C. 5V
O Long-term over-charged should be avoided to protect the functions of charging circuit and hearing functions.

Peak OSPL 90 (dB SPL)122
HFA OSPL 90 (dB SPL) 112
Peak Gain (dB) 40
HFA Full on Gain (dB)35
500Hz (%) 5
800Hz (%) 5
1600Hz (%) 3
EQ Input Noise (dB) 32
Battery Current (mA) 1.5

Stable Ear Hook
Abandon heavy and lumpish design
Easy to Operate Roller VC
Precise Amplification
Optimized DSP hearing aid
Considerate Program Switch
I - normal environment
II - noise reduction
O - off
Plug-in Charger Port
For charging

Volume control
To adjust the volume of the hearing device, rotate the volume control wheel with your
finger. There are digit numbers on the wheel indicating different setting of volume
level, please adjust according to your own need.

Program Switch
Switching to different program help people get the
most comfortable hearing experience according to
the environment.
There are 3 different switches to change program
Program I for common environment;
Program II for users in a noisy environment;
Program O for off.
In some models you will find
programming socket under
the trimmer cover, it was for
hearing professionals use

①Connect the charging box with the USB cable and
adaptor and get them power on.
②Make sure the hearing device is at program O(off).
③Place the hearing device on the charging base.
Red light means the device is on charging; green light
means charging is finished.

Cerumen may accumulate during you use the
instrument and will affect the function of it.
Please clean the hearing aid with a soft, dry cloth
and a soft brush.
Morning time is suggested for cleaning before you
insert the instrument into your ear.

Moisture will shorten the device's lifespan and affect sound quality. It is recommended that you use a dehumidifier device to dry the device after use.

Trouble Shooting

Low sound
Adjust the volume control.
Make sure the device has enough power.
Make sure the device and dome are cleaned, in
case the earwax buildup is blocking sound.

Whistling occurs when the sound returns to the
microphone causing a feedback loop. Once the
device is properly seated in your ear, in many
cases, the feedback should stop. This is especially
true for CIC devices that fits completely in your
If the problem still persists, try a different sized
dome and lower the volume.

No Sound
Your hearing aid probably requires charging
Check if the hearing aid device is turned on.

Short battery life
If your hearing aid device, while charging,turns to
green before the required minimum charging time
this means you are undercharging your hearing
aid. Make sure the device is turned off during
charging and charge the device for at least 12
hours (even though the light has turned green)
and repeat 3 times to let the battery to recover.

Dome got stuck in the ear canal
If a dome is not securely fastened on your hearing
aid before inserting into your ear, this could
possibly get lodged in your ear canal when you pull
it out. In the event that this happens, DO NOT
attempt to remove the stuck dome with your
fingers use tweezers, cotton buds, or any other
tool. Visit your doctor/audiologist as soon as

Returns and Exchange policy
Your hearing aid comes with a standard six(6) month
warranty that protects you against ant defects from the
date you place your order. if our examination
determines that the unit failed to wore due to parts,
materials, or workmanship, we will repair or replace it
for free. This warranty does not cover malfunctions or
damage due to unusual wear and tear or mistreatment
Of your hearing aid.

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