1, What is hearing aid?
A hearing aid is a device designed to improve hearing by making sound audible to a person with hearing loss. The hearing aids fit the most recent audio gram and are programmed by frequency.

2, What is PSAP?
PSAP is Personal Sound Amplification Products.

3, Will hearing aid and PSAP cure hearing loss?
Hearing aids and PSAP will help hearing loss people to hear sounds, not cure hearing loss. Hearing aid and PSAP will also prevent people’s hearing loss from going down fast.

4, What components does a hearing aid consist of?
Basically, one hearing aid consist of chip, microphone, receiver, shell, etc.

5, How many kinds of hearing aids in the market?
According to shapes, hearing aids are including BTE (Behind The Ear), RIC (Receiver in Canal), ITE (In the Ear), ITC (In the Canal), CIC (Complete In Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal). According to signal processing types, hearing aids are including analogue hearing aids and digital hearing aids.

6, Which kinds of hearing aids are suitable for me and my beloved one?
It would be better to test your hearing loss by audiologist and follow their suggestions.

7, Is it OK to wear just one hearing aid for my left or right ear?

Studies have shown that wearing 2 hearing aids could be up to 3 times better than wearing just one. In fact, you will have better speech understanding when wearing 2 since brains are designed to work with both ears. You will identify where sounds come from and hear more clearly especially in noisy environments.

8, Probably I have some hearing loss? How to identify hearing loss?
Please check if you have the following status:
1)People say you shout at them when you talk to them
2)You need the TV turn up louder than other people do.
3)You often ask people to repeat because you can not hear clearly.
4)You can hear better on one hear than another one.
5)You can’t hear a dripping faucet or a high not of a violin.

9, Shall I pay for samples?
Yes, sample costs are always twice of order prices.

10, How much is DHL or UPS freight to my country.
Normally, it take about USD50 to send one pair ( 2pieces) hearing aids to USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia, and Asian countries; USD60 to Africa and South America.

11, Can I get sample costs refunded when I place an order.
Yes, sample costs can be deducted from order payment when quantities reach 200pcs.

12, What are your trade terms
Our trade terms are FOB, CNF and CIF.

13, How long is your sample lead time?
Sample lead time is always 2-5 days after we get sample cost and DHL freight.

14, What are your payment terms?
Basically, we only accept T/T by 50% deposit, balance to be paid before shipping

15, How long is your production lead time.
It takes about 15 days to finish 100-200pcs order, 35 days to finish 500-1000pcs order, 60 days to finish 10000pcs order.

16, How to keep same quality as sample for my order?
We have a complete set of production procedures, including IQC, FQC and OQC, to ensure that our products conform to the sample and meet the technical specifications of our customers.

17, How long is your product warranty?
Our hearing aids and related products are one year warranty.

18, How to pack hearing aids?
We always pack 1pc hearing aid in one charger case or just case and then in one paper box with logo printing.

19, Do you have FDA, CE, FCC and Rohs certificates?
Yes, we are FDA, CE, FCC and Rohs certified supplier from Xiamen, China.

20, Are you ISO13485 approval medical devices supplier.
Yes, sure, we are ISO13485 approval supplier

21, Can we be your exclusive agent in our country.
We can make some deals firstly. After you have big sales in your market, we can talk about exclusive agent issue.

22, Do you have ODM capability to develop brand new hearing aids?
Yes, we have engineer team to develop new prototypes of hearing aids and accessories.

23, Can you supply any solutions if we have idea to develop new hearing device?
Yes, we can supply solutions to develop new hearing device.

24, Comparing to famous brands, such as Resound, phonak, Widex, etc, what are you advantages and features?
Our advantage is to provide high quality hearing aids at competitive prices.
Famous hearing aids’ quality are same or similar quality to our hearing aids’, but 10-20 times higher prices than ours.

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