1, What are the signals may tell me I have hearing loss problem?
You "shout" at others, turn on TV or radio louder than others, can not hear dripping faucet or high note of violin.
Such as this conditions, you should go to see #hearingspecialist or #Audiologist.

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2, I worry if hearing aid will make my hearing loss even worse.
This is the reason why I hesitate to buy a hearing aid. In fact, hearing aid can not #curehearingloss.
A good hearing aid will keep your brain sharper and delay the natural progression of #hearing loss.



3, When I look up for a hearing aid, i see some terms as "BTE, ITE, ITC and CIC"
BTE=Behind-the-ear, ITE=In-the-ear, ITC=In-the-canal, CIC=Completely-in-the-cannal.

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4, When i search hearing aids, i find the term "telecoil". What is the function and feature of it?
#Telecoil will audio source to be connected to hearing aid and help wearer to focus on the sound apart from distracting background noise.

#Frequencyshaping #Backgroundnoisemanagement #Adaptiveenvironment #Automaticvolumemanagement #Feedbackmanagement 



5, What are the functions of telecoil?
The main advantages of #telecoils including blocking environmental noise and improving the signal to noise ratio without risks of acoustic feedback?



6, Do all the hearing aids have telecoil?
No, telecoil is too big to fit small hearing aids, such as IIC, CIC and and RIC.

#Hearing device #IIC #CIC #RIC #hearingaids



7, Do I need a telecoil in my hearing aid?
Let’s look at some reasons why you may want to have a telecoil in your hearing device:
1, You have a severe to profound hearing loss. A telecoil will become very useful for improving speech understanding when you are on the telephone in large rooms and public places.
2, You spend a lot of time on the phone or in a “looped” setting. If you do a lot of your conversing on the phone or in a public place such as court room or auditorium, it will be more beneficial for you to take advantage of the telecoil system.
3, You have poor speech understanding. If you have been told by your hearing healthcare professional that you have poor speech discrimination, a telecoil system can help. 



8, What are the idea hearing aids functions?
One quality hearing aid should have the functions of :
1, Frequency shaping; 
2, Background noise management; 
3, Adaptive environment;
 4 Automatic volume management; 
5, Feedback management, 

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