Hearing aid expert reminds people not only to care for hearing loss men on World Men's health day but also everyday

Hearing aids can help men improve communication efficiency, reduce anxiety and frustration, and promote physical and mental health.

The World Health Organization defines October 28 as "World Men's Health Day" every year. When the "World Men's Health Day" comes, it requires all countries in the world to strengthen the publicity of men's health, appeals to the whole society to pay more attention to men's health, and appeals to every family to pay more attention to men's health.

A large number of social surveys and medical statistics show that more and more diseases are rapidly coming to men, and constantly seriously threaten the physical and mental health of male comrades. For example, prostatitis (20-50-year-old men have a high incidence of 20% - 40%), sexual dysfunction, prostatic hyperplasia, hypertension, diabetes, fatigue syndrome, obesity syndrome, hair loss, baldness and so on. It all seems that men are more vulnerable. In fact, the life expectancy of men is 2-3 years lower than that of women all over the world. The current situation of endangering men's health has already attracted the attention of the international health organization. Therefore, men would need hearing aid and sound amplifier as soon as they have hearing loss impairment.

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