Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger For Hearing Aid

We are portable Mini 13A Ni-MH Battery Charger for hearing aids mill in Xiamen, China.



Description of this Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger for hearing aid

We are portable Mini 13A Ni-MH Battery Charger for hearing aids mill in Xiamen, China. Our Smart Mini Portable Earbud Hearing Aid Battery Charger Earphone Battery Case
has the following outstanding points as below:

1, Small sizes, easy to carry.
2, Fashion design.
3, Rechargeable for A13 Ni-MH batteries.
4, Durable. It can can be charged over 10,000 times.
5, Eco friendly, It will be environment friendly to use rechargeable batteries than one-off batteries.
6, Economical for user. you will save money if you use our battery charger
7, Multipurpose use. It is also hearing aid storage case.
Quick Details:
Place of Origin: Xiamen, Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MeloSound
Model Number: Melo Charger
Feature: Compatible with Siemens, Resound
Battery Type: Ni-MH battery
Battery Capacity: 26maH
Charging Light: Red
Fully Charged Light: Green
Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1A
Charging Time: About 6 hours
Battery last time per charge: 2 days

Parameters of this Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger for hearing aid
Charger is designed to charge hearing aid 13A Ni-MH battery. The battery we provide is compatible with Siemens, Resound and other branded hearing aids using size 13 batteries. 
Model: Melo Charger
Color: Black & White
Battery Type: Ni-MH battery
Battery Certificate: MSDS, ROHS
Built-in Battery Capacity: 26maH
Input Voltage/Current for 5V 1A
LED light for charging box: Red-Charging; Green-Charged
Charging time: ~6 hours
Usage time per charge: ~2 days
Battery life: >500 times charging-discharging

Usage of this Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger for hearing aid

Now people are advocating green life. Batteries are harmful for the earth. Therefore, we advocate customers to use rechargeable Ni-MH battery for hearing aid. Melo battery charger is good partner for hearing aid user.

Pictures of this Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger for hearing aid


Service of this Portable Mini 13A Ni MH Battery Charger for hearing aid

Airport and Sea port: Xiamen
Packaging & Delivery
Selling Units: Single item
Single package size: 9*9*4.3 cm
Single gross weight: 0.08 kg

Package Type:
1pc battery charger + 2pc Ni-MH battery + 1pc charging cable + user manual + 1pc blank white box

Delivery time: 10 days for 100pcs, 20 days for 500pcs, 40 days for 2000pcs, 70 days for 10000pcs order.
Our advantage:
Fast Production Time: We have great supply chains and good production management team to ensure you get your ordered goods fast.
Fast Delivery: We send goods by DHL, UPS, EMS and by air to let customer receive goods promptly.
Quality guarantee: Melosound hearing aid factory controls 100% quality, doing FQC, OQC prior to shipping.
Professional service: We always provide qualified hearing aids and sound amplifiers at competitive prices with professional service to support customers.

It usually takes 5-6 hours to charge the hearing
device from empty power to full.
Please power off the device after each use.
Protect the device from impacts, humidity, dirt, severe temperature fluctuations, and direct sunlight.

Key Safety Instruction
.Please read the user manual in detail before you use Melo charger.
.Melo charger is suggest to be used indoor, avoid the humidity or being rained, please store the batteries in a safe place, keep them away from kid or f re.
.Melo charger is specially designed for Melosound NI-MH battery, if any other brand NI-MH battery is used, it may not be able to reach the best effect.
.Please do not use Melo charger to charge primary battery, or it may cause some accidents.
.Please power off when the charging finishes, and remove the batteries from the charging slot
.Please do not disassemble Melo charger, any incorrect assemble may cause fne or electric shock, etc.
.Please power off before any cleaning for Melo charger
.Please make sure to use the electric source with DC SV and with security certified (such as the charging adaptor for brand mobile phones and USB connector for portable computers the charging current should not exceed 2A; the fast charger for mobile}phones is prohibited .Please make sure the batteries are fixed in accordance with the positive and negative electrode during charging. Please take caution about the electric short cut of battery and charger, to avoid any damage or Invalidation

Usage Method
1 Please gently fix the battery into the charger positive and negative electrode of batteries slot. Make sure the are the same. The batteries should be perpendicular to charging slot.
2 Connect the power source .Connect USB cable with the charger, refer to the picture.
3 The indicate light shows red when it start charging , after the charging finishes , the light will switched to green
4 When the indicate light keeps showing green, the charging finishes ,the whole process needs around 5-8 hours
5 Please remove the charging battery from the slot when finishes , and store the batteries in a safe place

After-Sale Service
Please keep your effective invoice and warranty card after you buy this product
Within 1 year since you, buy this charger, and within 30 days for batteries ,with normal Operation and without artificial damage (except for force majeure ),you can repair or replace the product in your local distributor according to the effective invoice and warranty card

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